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What is GCN?

GCN (GalaxyChainNetwork) is a combination of all services and platforms within the BLUEKEY GALAXY ECOSYSTEM.

GCN drives utility of its native token BKY globally via uses cases; while empowering its user community with residual income via cryptocurrency lending & staking.

The coins will be sent to their ERC20 Wallets; either of GalaxyWallet, TrustWallet, P2PB2B or MyEtherWallet.

Official announcement will be given of when the next batch of ICO distribution will commence & when those other transactions/staking will be paid.

Join our weekly Zoom Meet-ups every Sunday by 6pm.

Yes, you can buy & sell BKY on the following exchanges: www.p2pb2b.io www.bitfxt.com

You can do so using our P2P(peer-to-Peter) Trading platform at: https://exchange.galaxychainnetwork.com

You can do online shopping with BKY at www.bluekeymarket.com, once we enlist vendors.

Yes. Simply contact the Admin for more details on how BKY can be used for Payments.

As soon as our bank accounts are unfrozen, we will commence scheduled refund of all investors of the BluekeyClub.

Yes. They will also be refunded 100%.

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